Unbelievable Benefits of Using Hemp in the Modern World

06 Oct

Most of the fuel used in various sectors and industries today comes from the fossil. However, this doesn't mean that fossils are the only source of fuel you can have today. It has been established that Hemp, a high yield fiber crop is the only plant that can produce biomass in adequate amounts. The scientists who have discovered this plant insist that the biomass it produces don't have many damaging effects. According to some studies, the biomass that comes from the oil spills, acid rain, strip mining, sulfur and fossil fuels could have severe damaging effects if proper care is not taken.

Healthy Hemp is known to produce biomass in large quantities per acre compared to what other crops would yield. It's easy to produce the hydrocarbons that hemp plant contains in a renewable and low-polluting alternative. Unlike the fossil fuels, the hemp fuel is not known to pollute the atmosphere in any way. Ethanol and biodiesel are the two main alternative fuels, which hemp is known to be excellent for. It is possible to make these fuels into liquid gas, gas, and pellets leading to reduced utilization of nuclear power and fossil fuels. How the hemp seed and fiber is used would depend on the type of fuel, which would be made.

It has been discovered that hemp can easily replace the petroleum plastics due to its rich cellulose content. The plastics from the petroleum are nonbiodegradable while those from the hemp oil plastics are biodegradable. If the ordinary plastics are mixed with hemp oil when being recycled, they could be used effectively for injected molded products. It has also been estimated that hemp could one day produce resin. The reason why most BMW cars are easily recycled is that most parts of these cars are made using raw materials from hemp. Now that hemp has been identified to be biodegradable, cost effective, lighter, superior in strength and with high insulation factor, it is highly used for insulation purposes.  Check out http://www.ehow.com/facts_5796438_benefits-hemp-seed-oil_.html to gain more info about hemp oil.

It may sound amazing to say that hemp has been used to make the highest quality paper today. Unlike the papers from the wood, hemp papers resist decomposition and they don't yellow once they go through an acid-free process. The quantities of papers you can get from one acre of hemp would probably be the same as the papers you would get from the trees planted on a four care piece of land. With hemp, you would not need to cut another single tree to make papers. You can recycle hemp papers more times than you can recycle the wood papers. Click Here to get started!

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